Simple Green Smoothie

Keeping Healthy with Simple Green Smoothies!

As part of your daily health regime, you know how important it is to brush and floss your teeth, brush your tongue, and keep up with regular dental checkups. You want your teeth and gums to be healthy, but also the rest of your body! A good way to start to improve your overall health is to eat or drink healthy, nutritious food. But where do you begin? Every day make a decision for your personal health. Take it slow if need be! Baby steps. That’s right; you start with one thing at a time that will move you in the direction of better health.

One of the easiest ‘baby steps’ you can take is to start incorporating the GOOD smoothies into your life; not the ice cream kind, but the healthy green kind that actually tastes good! There are some fantastic do-it-yourself smoothie recipes on-line that we found and would like to share with our readers.
We’d like to introduce you to Simply Green Smoothies! You don’t have to buy anything out of the ordinary and you don’t have to order anything on-line; all the ingredients are right in your grocery store.

What we like about these smoothies are you can switch them up depending on what fruits and vegetables you have available. All of them are tried and tested, you’ll be amazed!
Here’s the link to Simple Green Smoothies. Browse through their website and see if one or more recipes sound intriguing. Then give it a try! This is one little ‘baby step’ that can start you on a path of healthy eating, which can lead to even healthier habits! Who knows, maybe your next step will be walking every day, joining a gym, green eating or becoming a health nut! No matter what you do, take a step towards health every day. Your body will be glad you did! See

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